ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.28 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.28, packed with a range of new enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:


  1. Excel Validation: Enhanced Excel validation for better data integrity.

  2. Reconciling Logic for Reset Republish and SME Publish: To prevent schema mismatch on data loading, ConverSight has implemented a reconciling logic for Reset Republish and SME Publish operations.

  3. SSL Enabled for Snowflake Connector: The Snowflake connector now supports SSL, enhancing security during data exchange.

  4. Expanded Smart Analytics Functionality: Users can now request an entire view or smart analytics even if it is tagged as a reference table, while still restricting only the columns of those tables.

  5. Connector Usage Check: Before deleting a connector, ConverSight now checks its usage to avoid accidental data loss or disruption.

  6. Contextual Arguments in Tasks: Users now have the ability to pass context as arguments when executing tasks, enabling more versatile and customized task execution.

  7. User Details in Session: Basic user details, including Email, Role, user_id, and displayname, can be easily accessed within the session, providing a streamlined user experience.

  8. Token Retrieval from Session: Tokens can now be obtained from the session context, centralizing all relevant information in one place. Note: Directly accessing tokens from the context will be deprecated in the upcoming release.

  9. Limited Log Size: Context logger now displays logs with limited size in the user interface, making it more manageable and concise.

  10. Dataframe Display Restriction: The display of Dataframes in logs is now restricted, enhancing the efficiency and clarity of log outputs.

  11. Custom Chart Selection: Users now have the option to select the specific charts in which data should be rendered, providing more control over the visualization process.

  12. Expanded xAxis Field: The xAxis field is now universally available for bar and line graphs, enhancing data representation and analysis capabilities.

  13. GPT Story Visibility: The visibility of GPT Stories is now controlled by user profiles, ensuring that only enabled users can access and view them.

  14. User-Level GPT Model Saving: Users can now save GPT models at their individual levels, allowing for personalized and efficient model usage.

  15. Prompt Question Tags Display: When using Chat GPT for questions, users can now view Prompt Question Tags and select the appropriate model, providing transparency and insight into the model’s suggestions.

  16. Access Token Creation for Athena Integration: Access tokens can now be generated for seamless integration of Athena into external systems, facilitating secure and authorized data access.

  17. Token Usage in Components: Tokens are now added for all components used in the ConverSight library, streamlining the authentication process.

  18. Smart Analytics Token Support: Users can now pass tokens in the smart analytics feature of the ConverSight library.

  19. Auto Start Cluster: The Cs App now automatically starts a cluster during its initiation.

  20. Improved Cluster Message: Users will receive proper messages when accessing the Cs App and no clusters are available.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Improved Error Messaging: ConverSight now provides informative error messages for invalid precision inputs.

  2. Graph Data Format Fix: The issue causing calculated dates to display the wrong data format in graphs has been resolved.

  3. Insight Display Correction: Insights are now correctly displayed as Insight v2 in notifications.

  4. Guided Search Filtering: Filtering in guided search for a column now queries data correctly.

  5. Calculated Metrics Response Fix: Users will no longer receive a “There is no data available” response for calculated metrics.

  6. Dataset Deletion Issue Resolved: Users can now delete datasets without encountering any issues.

  7. Dashboard Cloning Fix: Duplicate dashboards will no longer be displayed after cloning.

  8. Get Version Display Issue: After creating a new version, the versions are now correctly displayed on the “get version” function.

  9. Normalized Logs: Logs are now preprocessed to handle characters like backticks (`) and single/double quotes.

  10. Task Promotion Error Resolved: Users will no longer encounter errors while promoting tasks on the CS dashboard.

  11. Notification Fix: Notifications for flows are now working correctly.

  12. Compute Farm Cluster Issue: The created cluster is now consistently displayed on the screen and does not disappear after refresh.

  13. Smart Analytics Table Load Fix: Loading Smart Analytics will no longer cause a “table already exists” error.

  14. Smart Analytics Rename Issue: The issue causing smart analytics tables to go missing during a rename has been fixed.

  15. Data Display Issue: Users can now see data in the “manage versions” section for both user and organization levels.

  16. Context Logger Enhancement: The logs size displayed in the context logger UI is now limited.

  17. Dataframe Display Restriction: Dataframes are now restricted from displaying in logs for better readability.