ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.27 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.27, packed with a range of new enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:


  1. Update Cell Value based on Column Edit in Manual Configuration: You can
    now easily update cell values based on column edits in the manual configuration. This enhancement provides greater flexibilit and control over your data management.

  2. Cluster Operation Optimization: We have optimized cluster operations within ConverSight, resulting in improved performance and efficiency. This enhancement ensures faster processing times for your cluster-related tasks.

  3. CAST Metrics Columns to FLOAT in Query Formation: To avoid data type
    mismatch issues, we have implemented a solution to CAST metrics columns to
    FLOAT while forming queries. This enhancement ensures accurate calculations
    and eliminates data inconsistencies.

  4. Expanded Access to Entire Views and Smart Analytics: We have introduced a
    provision that allows you to access entire views or smart analytics, even if they are tagged as reference tables. You can now retrieve the desired data while restricting access to specific columns, providing more granular control over your analysis.

  5. Connector Usage Check before Deletion: We have added a check to verify
    the usage of a connector before deleting it. This prevents accidental deletion of
    connectors that are still in use, ensuring data integrity and minimizing disruption
    to your workflows.

  6. Trailing Queries Support: ConverSight now supports trailing queries with Athena. Users can now ask trailing type queries with ease.

  7. Enhanced Grammar Rules for Compare Queries: We have added new grammar rules for compare queries in Athena, expanding the support for more query variations.

  8. Additional Dates on Monthly Schedules: We now support the addition of 29th, 30th, and 31st dates on monthly schedules, providing greater flexibility in scheduling.

  9. Improved Error Messaging: We have changed the error message displayed during query processing, enhancing clarity and understanding.

  10. Tooltips for Filter Data in Dashboard Filters: To improve user guidance and interaction, we have added tooltips for filter data in dashboard filters, facilitating better data exploration.

Bug Fixes

  1. Dashboard Filter Visibility Fix: The issue with the values being hidden in the dashboard filters has been fixed. The dashboard filter option will now become visible only after being clicked twice. This fix prevents accidental filter selections and provides a more intuitive user experience.

  2. Card View Value Proportional Increase Fix: We have addressed an issue where the value within the card view did not increase proportionally with its size when dragged. This bug fix ensures that the value adjusts accurately based on the card’s dimensions.

  3. Screen Display Fix for Multiple Filters: Applying more than 10 filters will no longer cause them to go off the screen. We have resolved this issue, ensuring that all filters remain within the visible area for easy access and management.

  4. Dataset Deletion Fix: We have fixed the issue that prevented users from deleting datasets. You can now seamlessly delete datasets without any obstacles.

  5. Calculated Metrics Response Fix: Users will no longer receive a “There is no data available” response when accessing calculated metrics. We have resolved this issue, ensuring that you receive accurate and relevant data in response to calculated metrics requests.

  6. External Share Message: The issue of receiving warning messages in Chinese language during external sharing has been resolved.

  7. Enhanced Smart Query Data Formatting: Smart query now includes improved data formatting.

  8. Expanded Pivot Table Functionality: Dropdowns on the fields popup in the pivot table now display all values.

  9. Pinboard Schedule Trigger Fix: The fix for multiple triggering of pinboard schedules has been implemented.

  10. CS App Data Compatibility: The date display issue in the CS app on the Firefox browser has been resolved.

  11. Calculate Date: The sorting problem in the calculate date function has been fixed.