ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.36 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.36, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:

New Features


  • Merge Datasets in Chat History: Users now have the flexibility to merge all datasets chat history into a single view. Additionally, they can selectively choose to display only errors, only success queries or both in the chat.
  • Enhanced Did You Mean Functionality: When re-logging in and switching datasets, the Did you mean suggestion in the chat history now accurately reflects the queries from the recently selected dataset. Ensuring a more intuitive and precise user experience.
  • Private Token for Embed Athena: Ability to create a private token for embedding Athena with multiple datasets.

SME Coaching

  • Context for Vocabulary Generation: Added provision to get context for vocabulary generation in Subject Matter Expert (SME) interactions.


  • Enhanced Data Visualization: Provided an option to view data in new Tree map charts, enabling more comprehensive data exploration.
  • Expanded Chart Options: Unlock more insights with Pie charts and various other chart types now available for Metric-only questions.
  • Drill Down in Tree Map: Now you can delve deeper into your data using the Drill Down option in tree maps.

AI Workbench

  • Task Management: Users can now view and edit detailed task information, execute tasks directly within the user interface and effortlessly review task logs, all conveniently accessible on the dedicated task screen.
  • Restricted Print Statement: Restricted the Print statement inside the Task and in UI task.

Proactive Insights

  • Proactive Insights Tags: Provision for adding and deleting tags for proactive insights in ConverSight library.


ML Ops

  • Enhanced Tag Formatting: We have revamped the tag format status in the Flow Run Status task list for a more organized display.
  • Improved Cluster Management: Experience a refreshed look on the manage cluster screen with enhanced color schemes and tags formatting.

Bug Fixes


  • GPT Story Model Integration: Enhance GPT Story functionality by incorporating the model into the API Server configuration.
  • Athena Chat Sorting Enhancement: Ensure sorting in the Athena chat’s smart column is applied before explorer.
  • Access Key Error Resolution in Embed Athena Launch: Fixed the issue where the access key in the API response was incorrect during Embed Athena launch, even though there was proper access.
  • Internal server Error on launching Embed Athena: Addressed the internal server error encountered during the launch of Embed Athena.

Infrastructure Management

  • Flow Trigger Error Resolution: Resolved the error encountered when triggering the flow.
  • Subflow Execution Issue Fix: Fixed the issue where Subflows were not executing in cluster.
  • Cluster Schedule Timezone Problem: Addressed the timezone problem when editing a Cluster Schedule.

SME Coaching

  • Calculated Metrics Formula Error Resolution: Resolved the issue of receiving an Invalid Expression error when attempting to utilize a formula for calculated metrics using.
  • Data Missing in Custom Fields Fix: Fixed the issue of missing data in custom fields.


  • Geographical Chart Improvements: Resolved concerns in the geographical chart.
  • Gauge Chart Presentation: Rectified the presentation of custom settings for the gauge chart, previously displayed vertically.
  • Bar Chart Label Meshing: Tackled the issue of label meshing in the bar chart.
  • Bubble/Scatter Chart Fixes: Bubble and Scatter charts now display more precise data for enhanced clarity and analysis.
  • Tree Chart Capabilities: Implemented a solution for displaying a basic tree, nested structures and allowing to show a drill-down tree.


  • Alignment Issues: Addressed alignment issues in insights tags.
  • Charts in Insights: Capability to display Waterfall and Calendar charts in insights.
  • Rendering Waterfall and Calendar Charts in Insights: This update addresses the issue with displaying Waterfall and Calendar charts within the insights feature.


  • Component Copying Fix: Fix for Copying a Renamed Component Not Reflecting After Reload.
  • Dynamic Storyboard Theme Changes: Fixed the issue where theme changes in dynamically scheduled storyboards were not reflecting on table components.

Data Workbench

  • Connector-Related Notifications: Adjustments made to notifications when the connector is not selected.
  • Disappearance of Created Dataload Schedules upon Page Reload: The issue where created dataload schedules were vanishing upon page reload has been successfully addressed.
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