ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.24 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.24, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:

New Features:

  1. Time Zone Change: The default time zone used in our application has been updated. Instead of using GMT, the time zone will now be based on the dataset level. This change ensures more accurate time-based data analysis.
  2. Column Width Resize: Users now have the ability to resize the column width in tables within our application. This allows for a customized view of data to better suit individual needs.
  3. Font Size Change: We have introduced the option to change the font size of headers and values in tables within our application. This provides users with the ability to adjust the visual appearance of their data.
  4. Column Text Wrapping: Users can now enable text wrapping for column text and headers in tables. This ensures that all data is visible within the table, even if it exceeds the column width.
  5. Drill Option from Card Numbers: Users now have the ability to perform drill-down actions directly from the numbers displayed in cards. This provides a more convenient and efficient way to explore data in greater detail.
  6. Response Deletion for Shared Users: A new feature has been added that allows shared users to delete their own responses. This gives shared users more control over their data within the application.


  1. XMR Chart Enhancements: Our XMR Chart has undergone improvements to support all types of responses. This enhancement offers greater flexibility and accuracy when analyzing process data.
  2. Return Dimension Values in UI: Dimension values are now returned in ascending order by default within the user interface.
  3. Combo Chart Enhancements: Significant enhancements have been made to the Combo Chart functionality. Users can now enjoy improved visualizations and better analysis capabilities.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Heatmap Color Update: The heatmap now displays dual-tone colors, providing a more visually appealing representation of data.
  2. Connector Edit Restriction: Users without proper access permissions can no longer edit connectors, as the edit icon has been disabled.
  3. Excel File Upload Error: An issue causing errors when uploading Excel files on the Connector selection page has been resolved.
  4. Smart Analytics Duplicate Data: Duplicate data in Smart Analytics within the SME (Subject Matter Expert) has been fixed.
  5. Smart Analytics Column Deletion: Smart Analytics columns are now successfully deleted when Smart Analytics is removed within the SME.
  6. Connector Details Editing: Users can now edit the description, name, and access of the connector as intended.
  7. Retention of Deleted Scheduled Flows: Deleted scheduled flows are now properly retained even after refreshing. This ensures that deleted flows are not unexpectedly restored.
  8. Availability of Job ID for Event Schedule Creation: When creating an event schedule, the Job ID is now provided, enabling users to easily manage and delete event schedules.
  9. Dashboard Filter Flag Color: Flag columns in dashboard filters now display a green color after selection, providing clearer visual cues for users.
  10. Password Change Requirement: When changing passwords, a number is now required to be included in the new password. The error message has been updated to reflect this requirement.
  11. Visibility of Data in cs Grid on Safari: Data is now correctly visible in the cs Grid when using the Safari browser, ensuring a consistent user experience across different browsers.
  12. INR Symbol Appearance in PDF Export: The issue where the INR symbol was not appearing in PDF exports has been fixed, ensuring accurate representation of currency.
  13. Plotting Issues in Funnel, Pie, and Donut Charts: Various plotting issues in the funnel, pie, and donut charts have been addressed and resolved, resulting in accurate and visually appealing visualizations.
  14. Expandable Icon Functionality in JSON Schema: The expandable icon in the JSON schema is now working as intended, providing improved navigation and organization of schema elements.
  15. Calculated Column Creation Issue: The issue with creating calculated columns has been fixed, allowing users to create and utilize calculated columns without any obstacles.
  16. Altered Create Dashboard Box: The create dashboard box has been modified to enhance usability and ensure a smoother dashboard creation process.
  17. Resolved Geo Chart Issues: Various issues with the Geo Chart have been fixed, ensuring accurate and reliable geographic visualizations.
  18. Fixed Filter Interaction Issue: The issue with filter interaction, specifically when clicking on a filter, has been resolved. Users can now interact with filters seamlessly.
  19. Correct Data Sending in Last Successful Run: The issue of sending incorrect data in the last successful run on the email scheduler has been fixed, ensuring accurate data delivery.
  20. Sorting Issue in Column Chart: The sorting issue in the column chart has been resolved, allowing users to sort data in the chart as intended.