ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.34 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.34, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:

New Features

External Connector

  • Enabled External cluster display: Connector selection screen during dataset creation/edit now displays only enabled external connectors.
  • Smart Query and External Connector: Disabled Smart query when the External connector toggle is enabled.
  • Custom Table creation: Disabled custom table creation for datasets with External connector option set as true.
  • Dataset Screen Notification Toggle: Added a toggle button in the dataset screen to notify if the dataset is using an external connector.
  • Snowflake External Connector implementation: The Snowflake External Connector has been effectively implemented.
  • Insights Creation for External Connectors: Implemented insights creation for external connectors.


  • Export Storyboard as PPT: We’re excited to announce the implementation of PPT functionality in the storyboard. Now, creating presentations is seamlessly integrated into your workflow, enhancing the storytelling capabilities of your data.
  • Enabled Navigation for Shared Users: We’ve enabled navigation for shared users in the storyboard. This ensures a seamless and interactive experience for users collaborating on data visualization and analysis.

Proactive Insights

  • Email Insights: Introducing a scheduled option for Email Insights! Now, users can automate the delivery of insights via email, providing a more efficient way to stay updated on critical information and analyses.
  • Geo Chart Dropdown: Managing multiple metrics in a query just got easier! With the new dropdown feature that enables you to change the column for Geo charts seamlessly. This enhancement enhances the flexibility and customization options available when visualizing geographical data.

AI Workbench

  • Git Configuration for JupyterLab: Users can seamlessly configure Git within JupyterLab, enhancing version control in collaborative development.

  • Clone Run Configuration: Streamlining workflow management, users can now clone the run configuration from the previous version of the flow. This feature simplifies the setup process,saving time and ensuring consistency in workflow configurations.

  • Cluster Scheduler: We’ve introduced the Cluster Scheduler. Now, users can create and manage a scheduler for starting and stopping clusters, providing greater control and efficiency in resource utilization.


Proactive Insights

  • Copy Clipboard option: Added a copy clipboard option in the explorer window.
  • Pivot table Auto-sort: Enhancing the functionality of pivot tables, they now automatically sort in descending order on the total column. This improvement simplifies data interpretation and ensures a more intuitive experience for users working with pivot tables.
  • Sample Formula and Add help Document: Add Included sample formula and help document for CS Table add new column.

Data Workbench

  • Excel Data Loading Enhancements: When loading data from Excel, if the sheet name or headings contain special characters, these characters will be replaced with underscores (_), and percentage signs (%) will be replaced with _pct to ensure smooth data processing.
  • Dropdown in Connector Download screen: Introduced a drop-down in the connector download screen that allows the users to download the updated version or the previous version of the connector.

SME Coaching

  • New Buttons in SME Screens: Introduced new buttons in SME screens for creating special columns.


  • Guided search synonyms: Introduced the ability to search for columns using synonyms in guided search, along with the display of all column synonyms in the guided search interface.
  • Calculated Column creation: In guided search, users now have the capability to identify columns utilized in the creation of calculated columns.


  • Filter Search in Storyboard: Enabled chronological search in the storyboard filter.

Data Governance

  • Navigation to Dataset Access Screen: Users can now navigate to the Dataset access screen after user creation.

Bug Fixes

Data Management

  • Dataset Name Case Retention: Ensured retention of the CASE of the dataset name.

Proactive Insights

  • Font issue resolution: Fixed font-related issues in Proactive Insights.
  • Bar Chart Sorting Fix: Resolved sorting issues in the y-axis of the bar chart.
  • Decimal Display for small numbers: Adjusted display to show decimals for small numbers.
  • Duration in Days Columns display: Duration in days columns are now listed in Cs table and hidden by default.
  • Geo Chart Custom Color Fix: Fixed the issue where custom color settings were not applied for the geo chart.
  • Heat Map Sorting Option Fix: Fixed the missing sorting option on the axis in the heat map.
  • Default Data Representation in Charts Fix: Ensured proper data representation by default in charts.
  • Date Filtering in CS Table: Improved date filtering to use >= (Greater than) from date and <= (Less than) to date.


  • Storyboard Search issue fix: Resolved the issue where searching a storyboard using an exact match was not listing.
  • Conditional Formatting in Pinboard Components Fix: Implemented enhancements and addressed issues related to conditional formatting in pinboard components.
  • Conditional Formatting in Cards Fix: Fixed the inability to set the conditional format in a card, where the field was not listing.

SME Coaching

  • Date filter application in Smart Column: Fixed the inability to apply a date filter while creating a smart column from SME.
  • Smart Column Application in Athena’s response: Resolved the issue where the smart column was not applying in the Athena response.
  • Smart Query Toggle: Addressed the issue where toggling off one updated column in a smart query was affecting another updated column simultaneously.
  • Calculated Fields Column Display: Fixed the display of calculated fields columns for smart analytics, ensuring consistency with smart query.


  • Smart Query Table doubling Fix: Resolved the doubling of the smart query table in the guided search when attempting to update the smart query.
  • Highlighting Calculated Field Tab: Addressed the issue where selecting a calculated field was not highlighting the selected tab in guided search.
  • Smart Analytics Relationship Display Fix: Columns loaded as smart analytics are now properly shown in relationship in guided search.
  • Guided Search Dropdown Issue Fix: Resolved the issue where selecting a value from a dropdown for any column in guided search did not enter the value when pressing enter.
  • Invalid Date Display Fix: Resolved the issue of dates displaying as invalid in embed Athena and removed the open Conversight in a new tab icon.

AI Workbench

  • Cluster Details Update Issue Fix: Resolved the issue where the cluster details were not updating when the runoncluster setting was modified on the csdashboard screen.
  • Run Config None Value Fix: Fixed the issue with the runoncluster None value, adding it to flow runConfig edit option and csapp UI Error Message.
  • Task Version Deletion Issue Fix: Addressed the issue related to task version deletion.