ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.30 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.24, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:

New Features and Enhancements:

  1. MarketSpace Resource Access: Introducing MarketSpace, a new feature that provides users with
    access to existing ConverSight resources.

  2. Resource Reviews: Users now have the option to add reviews for available or subscribed
    resources in MarketSpace.

  3. Mapd Error Message: Improved error handling by displaying Mapd error messages during save

  4. Smart Analytics Dataset Templates: Resolved an issue where dataset templates for smart analytics
    data were missing entry for tables key in table details collection.

  5. Data Cache Management: Added the ability to list data caches associated with tables and create
    new data caches with a user-friendly pop-up interface similar to data lake.

  6. Task Creation for New Mapd: Users can now create tasks to generate new mapd flows.

  7. Scheduled Data Loads: Introduced UI functionality for scheduling data loads.

  8. Notebook Creation Logs: Users can now view creation and package installation logs directly in the

  9. Notebook Backend Configurations: Enhanced backend configurations for notebooks.

  10. Cluster Instance Provisioning: Introduced an option to define instance provisioning during cluster

  11. Cluster Monitoring Fixes: Resolved known issues in cluster monitoring.

  12. Preprocess Connection Object Execution: Improved security by restricting ‘DROP TABLE’ in
    Preprocess Connection Object Execution function.

  13. Notebook Configuration UI: Enhanced schema development for notebook configuration UI.

  14. Pod Deployment Files: Added the capability to create PV (Persistent Volume) and PVC (Persistent
    Volume Claim) JSON files for pod deployment.

  15. Smart Analytics Filters: Users can now apply filters in Smart Analytics queries.

  16. Permission-Based Queries: Improved permissions for query execution.

  17. Enhanced Support for Time-Based Questions: Added the ability to handle ‘Latest’ Month

  18. Pod Termination Notifications: Users will receive notifications in Synapsnet Coordinator if a pod is
    terminated or unreachable.

  19. Fiscal Year Implementation: Implemented fiscal year functionality in Insights responses.

  20. Advanced Query Response Support: Enabled support for responding to ‘through’ type queries.

  21. Chart Column Name Fix: Resolved an issue where column names were incorrectly displayed with
    table names in charts containing filter values.

  22. Geo Chart Theme Change: Updated the theme for geo charts.

  23. Configuration Management: Introduced provision to add configurations at different levels (platform

  24. Logo Uploader Field: Made the logo uploader field optional, no longer mandatory.

  25. Combo Chart Metrics: Enabled Combo chart for combining and displaying more metrics.

  26. CSGrid Styling: Enhanced the CSGrid to resemble a pivot table in terms of styling.

  27. New Chart Types: Introduced Liquid, Bullet, and Scatter chart designs and implementations.

  28. Advanced Conditional Formatting: Added an option for advanced conditional formatting.

  29. Bubble Chart Implementation: Implemented bubble chart functionality in storybooks.

  30. Card Background Color: Users can now set card background colors based on values.

  31. Dataset Query Comparison: Introduced a screen for comparing old and new code in dataset
    queries when validating.

  32. Card View Enhancements: Made three minor enhancements to the Card View feature.

  33. Bubble Chart Customization: Added customization options for bubble charts in chart settings.

  34. UI Theme Consideration: UI themes are now considered as resources when saving to the

Bug Fixes:

  1. Control Tower Login After Timeout: Fixed an issue where, after a timeout in Control Tower, the
    application redirected to the old login screen instead of the expected behavior.

  2. Dashboard Export Spelling: Corrected spelling changes in Dashboard export functionality.

  3. Date Formatting Issue: Addressed a bug where dates were not being formatted correctly in the
    exported Excel files.

  4. Insight Tag Display: Resolved an issue where the insight tag was not being displayed for insights
    created with Business Area.

  5. Decimal Value Restriction: Fixed a bug that allowed decimal values to be added in the precession
    field where they should not have been allowed.

  6. Calculated Column Calculation: Fixed the issue where calculated columns were not functioning
    correctly with calculations like “sum(“revenue”)/sum(“total_price”)”.

  7. Slider Bar Interaction: Resolved an error that occurred while using the slider bar to zoom into the
    line graph.

  8. Guided Search Error: Fixed an error that occurred when clicking on options like top 10/ bottom 10
    in guided search.

  9. Calculated Column Issue in CS Table: Addressed the bug where calculated columns were not
    working as expected in CS tables.

  10. Excel Export Formatting Issue: Fixed the formatting issue that affected Excel exports.

  11. Org-Level Color Preference: Resolved the need to set color preferences at the Org Level.

  12. Alignment Issue in Feedback and Help Description: Fixed alignment issues in feedback and help

  13. Password Reset Error: Resolved the error preventing password reset in staging environments.

  14. Dashboard Filter Issue: Fixed an issue where the presence of both dataset access and non-
    dataset access components in a dashboard prevented proper selection of datasets in the
    dashboard filter.

  15. Incorrect Error Message in Precision Field: Corrected an incorrect error message in the
    precession field.

  16. Spelling Change: Changed the spelling of “Favourites” to “Favorites”.

  17. Close Button Issue in External Sharing: Fixed the issue where the close button was enabled in
    external sharing.

  18. Remove “Forgot Password” and Notification Icons: Removed “Forgot Password” and notification
    icons from the “Reset Password” page as intended.

  19. Explorer Table/Chart Interaction: Resolved the issue where expanding tables or charts in the
    explorer inadvertently closed the explorer.

  20. Retaining Details in Change Password: Addressed the problem of details being retained in the
    change password functionality.

  21. Date Display Issue in Calendar Chart: Fixed the issue where dates were displayed with
    timestamps in calendar charts.

  22. Scheduler Error Message Issue: Addressed the problem of missing error messages when the
    entered text in the scheduler was not in mail format.

  23. Alignment Fixes: Resolved various alignment issues across the application.

  24. JSON Structure Change: Made the necessary change to JSON structure to match the dashboard
    scheduler’s requirements.

  25. Calendar Chart Rendering Issue: Fixed the issue where rendering a calendar chart with default
    date settings resulted in displaying the setting screen before showing the chart.

  26. Sorting Issue During Sharing: Fixed the problem where applied sorting was not being maintained
    while sharing.

  27. CS Table Issues: Addressed various issues related to CS table functionality, including column
    settings being overridden and alignment problems in the xmr chart color selection field.

  28. Null Value Filtering: Fixed a bug where null values were not properly filtered when using the ‘not
    equal to’ operator.

  29. Athena Query Response: Ensured correct display of responses in user-requested charts.

  30. Data Lake Error Messages: Improved error message accuracy and spelling in Data Lake.

  31. Storyboard Conditional Formatting: Fixed an issue where conditional formatting updates were not
    working as expected in storyboards.

  32. Data Management Table Query: Fixed a bug causing missing columns in the data management
    table query.

  33. Excel Upload with Same Tab Name: Addressed an issue related to Excel uploads with identical
    tab names.