ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.32 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.32, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:


Data Workbench:

  • Role Configuration: Role configuration enhancements enable better handling of currency and financial year settings.
  • Synapsnet: Synapsnet graph loading has been updated to use queue-based communication to prevent Dictionary Update state failures.

AI Workbench:

  • Subscription Management: Users can now incorporate notebooks into subscriptions by reviewing organizational-level subscriptions and creating new subscriptions through the user interface.
  • ConverSight Notebook Update: The process of updating ConverSight notebooks to newer versions has been improved.
  • Custom Notebooks: Users have the ability to create custom notebooks and install required packages tailored to their specific needs.


  • Platform Cluster Restrictions: Restrictions for flows and tasks running on platform clusters without organizational-level subscriptions have been reverted.

UI Enhancement:

  • Enhanced GPT Model UI: The GPT Model’s user interface now boasts support for card view improvements, offering automatic word wrapping based on size for a more user-friendly experience.

Bug Fixes


  • Smart Column Data Export: Smart column data now exports flawlessly in the actual view, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility. Storyboard:
  • Scheduling Functionality Restore: The inability to create schedules following a recent update has been rectified, restoring scheduling functionality.

Data Workbench:

  • Excel Validation Fixes: Bugs pertaining to Excel validation for columns or sheets with date data types in their names have been expertly fixed.
  • Error Resolution for Connector Upload: Problems leading to a 500 error while uploading a connector post-Livy error have been promptly resolved.

AI Workbench:

  • Enhanced Vocabulary Visibility: The complete vocabulary is now visible when utilizing custom functions in the ConverSight library, enhancing functionality.
  • Effective Notebook Configuration: Issues related to notebook configuration have been effectively addressed.

Apps Space:

  • Accurate Run Time Display: Run times for weekly data load monitoring are now accurately displayed.
  • Timely Updates: Update times on the ConverSight dashboards have been rectified, ensuring timely information.
  • Improved Status Updates: Support for proper status updates across all infrastructure in data load monitoring has been significantly improved, ensuring reliable monitoring.

UI Bugs:

  • Alignment Issues Resolved: Alignment issues in SME and Athena chat have been successfully resolved.
  • Corrected Heatmap Rendering: Heatmap rendering, which displayed unintended blue colors, has been corrected for better visual representation.
  • Improved Header Display: The display of the header in the color-applying option now correctly shows the pinned query name instead of the storyboard name, enhancing clarity.
  • Tag Adjustment Fixes: Bugs associated with storyboard tags not adjusting to the screen when the tag is lengthy have been successfully addressed.