ConverSight Web - Version 2.0.31 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,
We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version 2.0.31, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:


  1. Storyboard Navigation: You can now navigate to other storyboards, CS apps or external URLs directly from within the application.
  2. Data Alignment in CS Tables: We have added an option to align data in the center within CS tables, improving data presentation.
  3. Guided Filter Enhancement: The guided filter functionality now works seamlessly even when you first select “use calculated columns”.
  4. Combo Chart with Multiple Metrics: We’ve introduced the option to enable combo charts that can display multiple metrics simultaneously.
  5. Storyboard Date Filters: We’ve added the “Next” option to the date filters, allowing you to easily select time frames like “Next 12 months”.
  6. Chat Screen FAQ/Help: When there is no chat history, FAQ and help questions are now displayed in the chat screen for improved user support.
  7. GPT Model Customization: You can now make changes to GPT models at the dataset level, allowing for separate customization from generic models.
  8. Cluster Usage and Cost: In ConverSight Operational Organization, you can now view cluster usage and cost metrics for better resource management.
  9. Oracle Connector Implementation: We’ve introduced the creation and usage of an Oracle connector to enhance data integration capabilities.
  10. Monitoring Board for Data Loading Schedules: A monitoring board has been added to track data loading schedules efficiently in both ConverSight Operational Organization and user’s login.
  11. Pivot table in Export: Now the user will get the data in pivot table in the scheduled mail.

Bug Fixes

  1. Security Vulnerability Fix: We have addressed a security concern where sensitive information was displayed without requiring a login, including the listing of JS files.
  2. Bullet Chart Issue: The issue of needing to click twice when switching from Horizontal to Vertical in bullet charts has been resolved.
  3. CS Grid Grouping Fix: We fixed an issue related to CS grid grouping.
  4. SME Column Missing Issue: Now columns in SME during smart query, smart column, and analytics creation and updates will not remove or duplicate.
  5. Preference Modal Fix: The issue where the preference modal caused problems when viewed before pinboard data was loaded has been fixed.
  6. Sparkline Column Saving: The Sparkline column can now be saved without any issues.
  7. Line Chart Sorting: We fixed a bug where the sort order was not saved in line charts with date-based fields in the Series.
  8. Zero Ignoring Bug: The “Ignore zero” feature is now working as intended.
  9. Explanation Icon Display: The issue of the explanation icon not displaying for shared users in Innovate has been resolved.
  10. Schedule Editing Fix: After creating and running a schedule, editing it no longer results in a null key, ensuring the next run time in dataload monitoring updates correctly.
  11. Cluster Deletion Issue: You can now successfully delete clusters in the manage cluster section.
  12. UI Label Change: We have renamed “Embed Dashboard” to “Embed Storyboard” in ConverSight for clarity.
  13. CS Table Alignment Issue: An alignment issue when clicking on “Apply” has been addressed, and any related CS table fixes have been implemented.
  14. High Data Copying Fix: The issue causing the page to become unresponsive when copying high-data components has been resolved.