Creating Reports

How simple is it to create a report within the Explorer?

To create reports in ConverSight, follow these sequential steps:

Step 1: Access the Explorer Tab

  • Click on the Explorer tab on the landing page.

Step 2: Select the Dataset

  • Choose the dataset from which the reports will be generated by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: View Tables in the Dataset

  • Once a dataset is chosen, all the tables within it will be displayed.
  • If the dataset includes Calculated Fields, Summary Fields, and Smart Query, they will appear under Calculated Fields.

Step 4: Select Columns from the Table

  • Click on the desired table name to view its columns. Select the columns you want to query.

Step 5: Apply Filters

  • Click on the column and apply filters to generate specific reports according to your requirements.

Step 6: Generate the Report

  • After completing the previous steps, click the Arrow icon to generate the report.

For a detailed explanation - Click Here!