Custom Notebook Creation

Can you explain the steps to create custom notebook in ConverSight?

Yes @keerthana.kalimuthu,

Step 1: To access the Notebook feature in the ConverSight platform, navigate to the Configuration section and select Notebook under AI Workbench.

Step 2: On the Notebook Configuration page, click the Create Notebook button to initiate the creation of a Custom Notebook.

Step 3: Select the Create New Notebook icon under the Action column of the desired Base Notebook.

Step 4: Specify the requirements for your Custom Notebook, including Name, Description (optional), Python Version (default to the latest), Notebook Type (CPU capability for now), Instance Type, Verified Packages, and the option to Add Custom Packages.

Step 5: After providing the necessary specifications, click the Submit button.

Step 6: Upon clicking Submit, the new Notebook with your specified configurations will be successfully saved.

While you have the flexibility to edit or delete the Notebook you created, it’s important to note that editing or deleting the default Standard ConverSight Notebook and Machine Learning Notebook is restricted.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly create Custom Notebooks tailored to your specific needs in ConverSight.