Process of Generating Insights

How can Insights be generated within ConverSight?

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Hi @manojkumar.rajendran,
The following are the steps to create Insights:

  1. Direct to SME Coaching page.
  2. Click on Proactive Insights.
  3. Click CREATE NEW

  1. Enter a query which is then evaluated for output.

  1. In the Inference Textbox you can set the alert response. By typing the “@” symbol, you can access a list of synonyms related to their Question or Query.

  1. In the Response Textbox you are employed for entering a template that appears alongside the Insight Charts. It includes values generated from columns, indicated by “@” followed by the respective column name.
    In the Follow-up Question Textbox you can input a question that may arise after reviewing an insight’s output.

  1. The Security Textbox exhibits all the roles linked to the data set, enabling you to authorize insight viewing by selecting the relevant role and assigning multiple roles to insights. You can allocate the created insights to chosen modules in the Module text box. This module selection determines the display location for the insights.

  1. Click “Save” to finalize the creation of a new Insight.
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