Conversight 2.0.19 is here!

Dear ConverSight Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight 2.0.19, packed with a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:

Features and Enhancements:

  1. Set Landing Page as Pinboard: Users can now set the landing page as a Pinboard in the Preference settings for a more customized experience.
  2. Main Domain Migration: The Beta domain has been successfully migrated to the main domain.
  3. Configuration Column: A new column called “Configuration” has been added to the CS dashboard, which shows the Run Config Name.
  4. Extras Functionality: “Extras” functionality has been added to tasks so that users can get details about that task.
  5. Proactive Insights: Proactive insights now have the provision to add business area and chart type for more tailored insights.
  6. CS Dashboards Screen: A new screen called “CS Dashboards” has been added to view UI tasks for more organized management.
  7. Self-Deployable CSapp: Users can now deploy CSapp by themselves, providing greater autonomy in deployment.
  8. Group Creation for Proactive Insights: Proactive insights can now be created with groups on a notebook for more efficient management.
  9. Smart Query Data Validation: Improved the user experience by allowing users to view their smart query data while it’s being validated in the SME.
  10. API and Schema Changes: Changes have been made to handle multiple value changes from the table in table configuration rendering.
  11. Dashboard Monitoring Feature: Added an option to manage and view scheduled dashboards using the new dashboard monitoring feature.
  12. “Did you mean” Enhancement: Using sentence transformer embedding (Beta version), the users can now get more accurate and appropriate “Did you mean” suggestions from Athena.

Here is a summary of the bug fixes included in ConverSight 2.0.19:

  1. CS Table now saves groups.
  2. Newly added columns in Smart Column now reflect in pinboards.
  3. Shared interactive report now saves user’s view and filters.
  4. Ignore zero popup is no longer displayed while using preference.
  5. Users can now login via external data share.
  6. Font-size is now consistent when clicking on one item, and new items shown are not bigger than the previous ones.
  7. An error is now captured when the Unshare role is in the loading state.
  8. Tables can now be resized below a certain level when displaying a one-row table.
  9. Share by role now works properly.
  10. Admin configuration is now saved in the user data preference.
  11. The text color value now shows the value of the CSS variable instead of the CSS variable name.
  12. Failed insights no longer throw unexpected errors when pinned to the dashboard.
  13. Email field is now validated while sharing reports, so that the reports will not get sent to invalid emails.
  14. Shared users list in the dashboard no longer displays users with only data admin or org admin access.
  15. The subject in Scheduler is now empty.
  16. “@” is no longer passed in value for empty value filters.
  17. Admin Guide is now available in the new UI.
  18. For a calculated column, CS Grid no longer displays the “$” currency symbol as suffix, when prefix is selected.
  19. In dashboard, users are now unable to enter empty spaces as comments.
  20. In CS Grid, calculated columns can now applied grand total value.
  21. Scheduler known issues have been fixed.
  22. Dynamic rendering is now enabled by default in the scheduler board.
  23. The name of Schedule report excel file is now derived from the report header instead of the entire Athena query.
  24. Forms option is now displayed even when the you only have “User” access.
  25. Renaming of the CSapp will not change back after a refresh.
  26. Changes in new ingress creation have been made for creating a new org.
  27. Renamed the Source column name to Flow Type and updated the display accordingly.
  28. Scheduler not working issue fixed.
  29. Not being able to update smartanalytics with isDatapublish() False issue has been fixed.
  30. Fixed issue with passing token in UI for CS app.
  31. Do and other period filter values not updating in the dashboard has been fixed.
  32. Fixed an issue where “view” access for existing tasks could not be enabled.

We hope that these bug fixes will make your experience with ConverSight even better, and we encourage you to share your feedback and suggestions with us. Our team has been working hard to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that will make your experience with ConverSight even better. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.