Alerts in Athena

How can I set up alerts in Athena using the Alert Me feature?

Hi @keerthana.kalimuthu, create an insight from the chat page by using the Alert Me feature in chat. Instead creating from a SME screen, this will create insight from chat. Insights basically alerts users whenever a dataset is refreshed, whether any data we provide with a condition has increased or decreased.

  • Query any Metric column from chat.
  • Click the Alert Me Icon.(refer to image-1)
  • Choose the Operator from the dropdown menu.(refer to image-2)
  • Customize your Template in order for the insight to appear as you want it to.(refer to image-2.)
  • We can enter a follow-up query for that insight and then click Save to learn more.(refer to image-3)

For instance, I require notification whenever revenue exceeds $6,000,000. I need data about revenue by year. I can make a creation similar to the one below, and if the requirement is met, I’ll receive an insight on my Insights Page.

Note: The Alert Icon in the chat is only visible to users who have data admin access.