Summary Fields through Athena

How to create summary fields through Athena?

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Summary fields or smart columns can be created using these steps:

  • Send a query in Athena (See image #1).
  • By placing your mouse over the response, you can choose Create Smart Column(See image #2).
  • Enter the Name in smart column name field (See image #3).
  • If you need to add any columns, select them from the list on the left side of the screen and click the right arrow.(See image #3).
  • Select the columns you need from the Selected Columns list on the right side and click the left arrow to remove them.
  • Click to Save.(See image #3).
    Smart column will be created.

For example, in the instance where I need details about the order. I require the following details: customer name, order date, product, and quantity ordered. We can create a smart column and query it rather than asking the question each time by selecting the options. I also need to know the location. From the list of columns, choose the necessary column, then add. Save the smart column.
We can now query using the smart column name to get the required response.(See image #4).