Query - Between Dates

How can I ask a query between two dates?

For example, I want to compare the revenue between March 4 and April 2. How can I do that with Athena?

Hello @vignesh.sivakumar ,To compare and get the data between two specific dates using Athena, you can use the “between” filter in your query. For instance, to get the revenue generated between March 4 and April 2, you can ask a question like “What is the revenue between March 4 2023 and April 2 2023?” and use the appropriate date format for your query.


Hi @vignesh.sivakumar

You can ask between dates through athena chat. Here I tried with two dates one is the year for 2022 and the other one is for 2023. The same date as you requested I tried. Attaching the images for your reference.

For 2022:

For 2023:

Thank you.