Mastering Storyboard Customization

How do I go about adding calculated value to the Storyboard within ConverSight, to keep them handy for future reference?

Hi @anusha.venkatachalam

The following steps allow you to create custom columns with calculated values and reference them for future use in your data analysis and reporting.

  1. Navigate to Storyboard: Start by going to the Storyboard and selecting the query report for which you want to create a custom column with a formula.

  1. Access the Calculated Value Tab: You can access the Calculated Value tab by clicking on the Explore icon, which expands the report and provides various options for viewing the data, including charts, graphs, and tables. Convert your data into a table if it’s not already in table format.

  1. Add a New Column: To create a custom column, click the “+” icon, which will take you to the Calculated Value tab.

  1. Name and Define Data Type: In the Calculated Value tab, name the new column and select the appropriate data type. Depending on your needs, data types can include numbers, strings or spark lines.

  1. Define the Calculation: Use the search bar to locate the columns in the table that you want to use in your calculation. Drag and drop the column names into the formula box. You can perform metric and dimension operations on the column by selecting the appropriate buttons. Once you’ve defined your calculation, click “Apply.”

  1. Save the Changes: Click on the Save icon to save your table with the new calculated column.

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