Granting Access in Athena

Who has the authority to grant access to datasets and data-related items in Athena?

Hi @manojkumar.rajendran

We can categorize three levels

  1. Org admin
  2. Data admin
  3. Athena (User)

Org Admin - where this level is the top one where the new org creation will happen.

Data Admin - At this level, we can allow the user to have access to both data and user level.

Athena - Here users will create datasets and work on them.

Through the org admin, we can enable access to the Athena and data admin user for the org level.

They can provide the dataset and grant access to the relevant users.

Please have a look at the images attached for your reference.

Org admin level:

Data Admin level who can give access to the datasets:

Athena user level who can give access to the datasets:

Thank you.