Flow Configuration Migration

Is it possible to transfer and directly apply the configuration settings from Flow version 0.1 to Flow version 0.3 within ConverSight’s AI Workbench?

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Hi @anusha.venkatachalam
Follow these steps to clone the configurations from one version of the flow to another

  1. Start by accessing the Flow Space menu in the configuration sidebar and selecting the Subscribed Flows option.
  2. Within the Action field of the desired flow, click on the Settings icon and choose Clone this Configuration option.

  1. On this page fill in the details such as
    Clone Version To - You can choose the specific version of the flow to which they want the configurations cloned.
    Configurations - It shows the configurations that are accessible within the chosen flow.
    Clone the Notifications - This toggle allows you to clone the Notifications of the created configurations.
    and click on submit to add the newly created configuration.

  1. To ensure successful configuration cloning, users can select the target flow, click Run Configuration, and verify all configurations, including clones, on the Run Configuration page.
    With these steps completed, you’ve effectively cloned the configuration from one flow version to another.

For more detailed instructions, please Click Here

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