ConverSight Web - Version

We are excited to announce the release of ConverSight web version, packed with a range of enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the key highlights of this release:


SME Coaching

  • Table Configuration Tab: Introduced the Table Configuration Tab in SME, empowering users to manage table visibility and references. Changes made in these settings will also impact the templated dataset.

  • Table Configuration Component: Added a group field to the table configuration component, allowing you to organize your tables into groups based on your preferences.


  • Modal Window for Reload: Enabling “Show Story” in Athena Chat triggers a modal window requesting user permission to reload the page for changes to take effect.


  • Verification Modal: While performing external sharing or scheduling a Storyboard, a verification pop-up will appear in the email to ensure data security.


  • Favorites in Reports: When you add a report to favorite, any modifications you’ve made in the pivot and CS table are also saved along with the report.

Data Workbench

  • Dataset Status Check: The dataset status must be active before you can delete smart analytics.

  • Smart Analytics V2: Smart Analytics V2 now supports pyarrow dataframe instead of pandas, enhancing performance.

  • Flow Run Status: Enhanced to change the flow run status to crashed when the actor dies.

  • Flow Schedule Status: Added a status column in the flow schedule page.

  • Flow Runtime: We’ve extended the flow runtime from 3 hours to now support durations of over 8 hours.

Bug Fixes

  • Calculated Column Name: Resolved the issue where the calculated column names showed up as ID in the CS Table.

  • Duplicate Documents: Resolved the issue of duplicate documents in the subscribed flow during flow configurations cloning.

  • Athena Visibility: You can no longer change Athena visibility to “false” when the reference toggle is switched on in the table settings.

  • Entity Clarification Message: Updated the Entity Clarification response to use a custom message instead of “Did you mean?”.

  • Reference Tables in Athena Query: We fixed the problem where reference tables were not properly removed from the Athena query.