Defining Fact Table

What is a Fact Table?

Hi @archanask, a fact table is used to store quantitative data, typically numerical measurements or metrics, such as sales revenue, product quantities etc.
For instance, the tables Product and Customer each contain data on product and customer. Product id, name, and category are all listed in the product table. Customer ID, name, and address are all listed in the customer table. Additionally, I have a table named Order Details that includes details regarding the product, the customer, the price, and the date.
In Data Management while selecting the tables, enable the fact table.

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Hello @srihari.manoharan, can we create relationship with two different tables based on columns, like primary key for both table, In this example assume we have upload two data files using smartanalytics

Hi @bgautam, yes, relationships between two different tables can be created based on columns. You can create relationships there by going to SME and finding Relationship. For the previously mentioned, you need data-admin access.

Thank you! @srihari.manoharan