Combo Chart - Rule to Create

What is a Combo Chart and what is the rule to create a Combo Chart?

Hi @archanask, to render a combo chart, you have to use a query that has two metrics and one dimension.
There are two ways to get a combo chart response.

  1. The two metrics must be of different types.
    Examples include revenue, stock, and products. Here, the columns for revenue and available quantity are both metric, but the types of revenue and available quantity are, respectively, quantity and currency.

  2. The units should be different even though the two metrics can be of the same type.
    Examples include US revenue, IND revenue, product. Both of the columns in this table, US revenue and IND revenue are metrics, and the type is money. The unit of measure for US revenue is “$,” while the unit of measure for IND revenue is “.”

While querying, the rules mentioned above will generate a combo chart.