Clone Actions in Control Towers

What is the difference between Clone Diagram and Clone Diagram with actions in Control Tower?

Hi @anusha.venkatachalam The difference between Clone Diagram and Clone Diagram with Actions are:

  1. Clone Diagram:
  • This feature creates a duplicate of an existing Control Tower diagram, including its structure, nodes and connections.
  • It allows you to edit the dataset associated with the cloned Control Tower, tailoring it to specific needs.
  • Essentially, it offers the ability to replicate the diagram while allowing dataset customization.
  1. Clone Diagram with Actions:
  • This functionality not only duplicates the Control Tower diagram but also provides the option to create a completely new Control Tower with the same dataset.
  • It introduces the capacity to define and incorporate unique actions and interactions within the newly created Control Tower.
  • This feature enables the creation of a Control Tower configuration that includes customized actions and behaviors, tailored to specific workflows and operational requirements.