Build Planner and Supply Planner

What are Build Planner and Supply Planner in CS Apps? What and How are they used?


Build planner normally consolidates all the information needed for manufacturing products or parts according to need of customers considering various factors like target, inventory quantity, inventory cost, budget etc.
Supply planning consolidates information about when to purchase which part so that we can balance stockout scenario and inventory management.
We built app as per customers feasibility and finally we will create manufacturing order (build planning) or purchase order (supply planning) accordingly!


Just adding to Keerthana…

Build Planner is used by Manufacturers to plan what items (assembly or sub assembly) to produce on what days for given available inventory/resources on hand (Including or excluding inward/ASN inventory). Once the ‘What-If’ analysis is finalized, the final recommended Manufacturing order will be posted to the ERP tool using respective api connectors.

Supply Planner → This app helps plan for raw materials to procure given the manufacturing order or demand is finalized. The tool helps in maintaining healthy raw material inventory and prevent un-necessory purchase orders and give more focus to what POs are critical to be created. The PO creating is normally tied to ERP through API integrations…