CS Apps and Other Apps

What are the differences between CS Apps and other UI created apps?


Hello , @neville.fernandez CS apps are customized UI applications that can be developed for various business requirements. Both CS apps and UI tasks are essentially the same thing. kindly let me know if you require any additional information. Thank you !!


CS Apps are otherwise called Data Apps. CS apps and other UI components are fundamentally two different architectures. UI components does not have write back capabilities. Where as CS apps have writeback capabilities. CS Apps helps users to build “What If” scenario analysis or to get structured annotations on the analytical data (closed looping of the insights found in an data and get feedback about the actions performed). When a variable in the CS App is changed, the whole recalculation of metrics (eg: recommended purchse, recommended work order etc) will be recalculated and shown to users. Since this requires a lot of computes, CS App uses dedicated clusters behind. Clusters are configured according to the complexities of the app.