Additional Settings - CS Table

Do dimensions, metrics, date and flag columns have distinct or supplementary column-wise configurations? If they do, could you kindly provide an explanation of these settings?

Yes @neville.fernandez
The common settings for all categories include,

  • Column Name: Specify the name of the column you’d like to personalize.
  • Text Align: Easily adjust the alignment of text within the column, whether to the left or right, for a more refined appearance.
  • Pin Column: Decide whether to pin the column to the left or right side of the table for improved visibility, or simply leave it unpinned.
  • Wrap Text: Enable or disable this option according to your needs. Enabling text wrapping automatically adjusts cell width to accommodate content, ensuring it remains within the visible area.
  • Symbol: Insert your preferred symbol to accurately represent your data.
  • Decimal: Specify the number of decimal places to ensure precise and concise data presentation.
  • Grand Total: Choose whether to display or hide the grand total for the selected column, based on your preference.
  • Aggregation: Take command of the data displayed in the selected column by selecting your desired aggregation method.

The column-wise settings for each category includes,
If your column is categorized as having a dimensional type, the following screen will be displayed.

If your column has the type metrics the following screen will appear,

If your table has the type date and flag then the following screen will appear,

If your table has the type flag then the following screen will appear,

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