Meaning Match - Did You Mean

What is the meaning match feature in Athena’s “Did You Mean” functionality, and how does it work?

Hello @archanask , The “Did You Mean” feature in Athena is designed to assist users in finding relevant results, even when they make slight errors or use different terms in their queries. The meaning match aspect of this feature focuses on identifying alternative words or phrases that have a similar meaning to the terms used in the query. Since it’s not feasible to add synonyms for every possible combination to a column, this approach provides a more flexible way to ask questions.

When a user submits a query, Athena examines the terms used and compares them to the associated synonyms for the columns or fields. If there is a match or a close similarity between the query terms and the synonyms, Athena suggests alternative terms using the “Did You Mean” feature. For instance, if the synonym “revenue” is associated with a column and the user queries for “turnover,” Athena identifies that “turnoveris the closest match to the synonym “revenue” and presents relevant suggestions accordingly.
By employing the meaning match feature in the “Did You Mean” functionality, Athena provides a more flexible and user-friendly experience by considering alternative words or phrases that convey the same or similar meaning as the terms used in the query.