Load Requested state in Data Management

What to do when the status says “Load Requested” in the Data management?

Hi @Chellammai

When someone starts the “Republish” to any datasets the “Load Requested” gets initiated.

So we need to wait until the below stages to get complete.

Basically, the data republishing has 5 stages:

  1. Load Requested
  2. Dataloaded
  3. Dictionary Requested
  4. Dictionary Updated
  5. Active

When the status “Load Requested” for any dataset, is in the process of getting new data from the source database to our database (We called Mapd). Depending on the data size the load time may vary.

When the Load Requested gets completes it will start performing the remaining stages.

Then finally the dataset will get “Active” with the latest data.

Hope I gave you some basic information.

Thank you.


Thank you for your valuable inputs @Kalyani