Key components of Conversational AI

What are the key components of a conversational AI system?

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The following are the key components,

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP):
  • Speech Recognition: NLP techniques enable the system to convert spoken language into written text, facilitating understanding of user voice commands or queries.2. Dialog Management:
  • Context Tracking: Dialog management keeps track of the conversation context, including previous user queries and system responses, to ensure coherent and contextually appropriate interactions.3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning:
  • Intent Recognition: Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can be used to train models that accurately recognize the intent behind user queries, enabling the system to understand user goals and provide relevant responses.4. Knowledge Base:
  • Data Retrieval: A conversational AI system can access and retrieve information from a knowledge base to provide accurate and up-to-date answers to user queries.
  • Context Awareness
  • Conversation History: Context awareness allows the system to utilize past user interactions and recall relevant information from previous messages, maintaining context and continuity in the conversation.