Interpreting Filtered Data in Control Towers

Can you provide a breakdown of the steps in applying filters in Control Towers?

Hi @kousalya.jayasankar
The following are the steps for applying filters. The filters are used to refine the information presented or analyzed by using specific criteria. It can be utilized within the Control Towers for various categories.
When you select categories of dimensions or metrics, the dataset’s relevant columns corresponding to those categories are provided. From these columns, you have the option to choose the ones where you want to apply filters.

Once you’ve made your category selections, you can click on the Filter icon to put the filters into action.
When you’re applying filters to dimensions, you’ll have the selected columns available, and you can choose the values that are presented within those columns.

For filters related to dates, you can choose from different types that list the dates. Additionally, there’s an option to customize the dates according to your requirements.

When it comes to applying filters to metrics, the chosen metrics column will be displayed. By clicking on this column, the filter will be applied.

Clicking on the “Apply Filters” button will save the changes you’ve made to the filters and show the results based on the applied filters.