Hierarchy Querying

How to add hierarchy querying for my column?

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Hi @keerthana.kalimuthu, we have a feature called drill-down where you can move from one column to another if you need to query based on any hierarchy.
The option to set the drill down in SME coaching is available to Data Admin.

  • Drilldown can be done by going to the SME screen.
  • The top-right edit button should be selected.
  • To choose the drill path, drag and drop the columns.
  • To create the hierarchy, map the columns.
  • Click Save.

For example, I have the customer’s column name. If I query the customer column, I will receive a table response with a list of customers. I need to know the product they purchased and the revenue they generated for a specific customer. Double-clicking the customer column in the data will take you to the customer and product . If you drill the product further, the next column will be added based on hierarchy.