Filtering Dashboards

Whether a smart column can be used as a filter in a dashboard?

Hello @kavitha.nagarajan, A smart column can be used to filter a dashboard’s components.
When there are only two columns in the smart column, it is treated as a filter. Both the first and second columns will be treated as ID and Name, respectively.

  1. From the dashboard filter, choose smart column (refer to image-1)

  2. To get the values, click on “All”.

  3. The “ID” and “Name” of any value can be seen by hovering over it.
    (See image #2.)

  4. Run the report, and the filter will be used (refer to image-3)

  5. If a smart column has more than two columns, the dashboard filter will not show it.

  6. Verify that the smart column is in the following order: ID, Name.