File Export Query

How to download the tables data as an Excel or PDF file?


On the main page of the report on the top right side, we will have one lense icon called “Explorer”
which will take us deeper into the report.

There you can see both the export to EXCEL and export to PDF options on the right side. You can download it from there.


Screenshot from 2023-02-16 14-56-54
Screenshot from 2023-02-16 14-56-56


If you want to export a table from Athena to either Excel or PDF, you can follow these simple steps: First, click on the Athena icon to display all your recent queries and their appropriate visualizations. Then, hover over the table you want to export and select the explore option (Magnifying glass icon). This will open up a new window where you can choose to either “Export to Excel” or “Export to PDF” based on your preference. Once you have made your selection, the table will be exported in the format you chose and can be downloaded or shared as needed.