Executing a Standalone Task

How to create and execute a standalone task in ConverSight AI Workbench?

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Hi @sindhuja.murugesan
Creation of task is simple like creating defined functions(like def add(a,b)).Here we use decorator as “@task” and proceed.
To create a task, users can use the @task decorator in the ConverSight AI Workbench. However, it is important to note that tasks can only be called from within a flow and not from other tasks.

To create a task in ConverSight AI Workbench, users can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration pane in the AI Workbench section of ConverSight.
  2. Click on Notebook.
  3. Import the necessary modules and packages from ConverSight.
  4. Add the @task decorator before the function definition.
  5. Define the function that needs to be converted into a task.
  6. Save the Notebook.

After creating task we need to register it with the respective arguments so that we can make it automated.
To use standalone task we can use syntax---->tsk.libraryname.taskname.run()

To execute a task after its creation in AI Workbench, follow these steps:

  1. Select the cells containing the task that needs to be executed.
  2. Press the Shift + Enter keys simultaneously to execute the task.
  3. The output of the task will be displayed in the output area below the cell.
  4. If any changes are made in the input cells, they need to be re-executed to update the results.
    I have attached screenshots for reference