Data Loading through Notebook

How can I load my excel data through Notebook?

Hi @anusha.venkatachalam
To begin data loading via the notebook using Smart Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Start by creating a new Dataset using the Save and Exit method. This activates the dataset without any preloaded data.
  2. Navigate to the AI Workbench menu and launch a new notebook.
  3. Import the necessary libraries and specify the dataset ID that you created earlier.
  4. Use the notebook’s upload icon to upload your Excel or CSV file.
    Please note that there are several data preprocessing and cleaning steps to ensure accuracy and prevent errors before loading your data through Smart Analytics. These steps include eliminating duplicate columns, addressing any null values within columns, and adjusting data types to align with ConverSight’s four column categories.
  5. Finally, utilize Smart Analytics to load your data.
    For additional guidance, please Click Here.
    To watch the video, please Click Here.
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